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Cat Calls

500 Gram Fountains

Our Most Intense Fountain

Red flames, white chrysanthemums, whistles, blue stars, and red crackling with red, green, and silver showers.

Cat Calls Fireworks - 500 Gram Fountain
Extra Zesty

Regular Fountains

Add Panache To Your Show

Crackling flowers, a silver crackling shower with blue pearls, then a gold crackling shower with blue pearls.

Extra Zesty Fireworks - Regular Fountain
Adult Snappers


Adult Snappers

More powerful version of the snappers we grew up with.

Extra Loud Adult Snappers - Novelties
Assortment Packs

Assortment Packs

Encore Presentation

More than enough fuses to light for a night filled with quality fountains and plenty of sparklers to keep the kids smiling.

Encore Presentation - Assortment Pack
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From dazzling sparklers to breathtaking fountain displays, our expertly curated selection guarantees an explosive experience like no other.

About Us

The Speciale family has been synonymous with fireworks for over six generations.

The family roots in hand crafted fireworks originated in Sicily in the late 1890’s. Vincenzo Speciale was one of the first to establish an Italian fireworks manufacturing company in America, he named it Italian American Fireworks. That company ran until a brief shutdown during World War II. After the war, Vincenzo’s son Joseph reopened the company and changed the name to American Fireworks Manufacturing Company. Using formulas brought over from Sicily, the family manufactured hand crafted Italian shells into the 1980’s. The company grew to produce well over 250 shows per year throughout New York State and northern Pennsylvania. They became the premier name in pyrotechnic displays in the Northeast.

In 2015, Joseph Speciale, the sixth generation in the Speciale family founded Speciale Fireworks Inc.. This company specializes in the sale of consumer fireworks in New York State. Keeping true to previous generations, we will strive to provide the consumer with the finest quality product at the most reasonable prices.

Joseph D. Speciale
Speciale Fireworks Inc.

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